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For front load washers:

The washer has a bad odor.
The washer having a bad odor is caused by using too much detergent & fabric softener.  Only use HE high efficiency detergents & softeners.  The proper amounts of detergent to use is 4 TBLS for large loads & half size loads 2 TBLS.  Fabric softener should be cut in half with water before going into the dispenser.  This will cut down on odor on cloths & in the washer.

To clean out washer with bad odors we recommend the use of Whirlout.  This is used to clean out soap scum build up.  Directions for use is 1/4 cup of Whirlout.  Set washer for hot water setting & run through normal cycles. For the first time do this 3 times in a row.  Then use when needed.  We find this to be the best answer for the problem.

To purchase Whirlout give us a call.

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